Emergency survival items

Your supplies should include:

  • torch with spare batteries or a self-charging torch
  • radio with spare batteries — check all batteries every 3 months
  • wind and waterproof clothing, sun hats and strong outdoor shoes
  • first aid kit and essential medicines
  • blankets or sleeping bags
  • emergency toilet — toilet paper and large rubbish bags
  • dust masks and gloves.

Food and water for 3 days or more

Your supplies should include:

  • canned or dried food
  • water (at least 3 litres per person, per day) for drinking
  • food for babies
  • pet food
  • water for washing and cooking
  • a primus or gas barbeque to cook on
  • a can opener.

Grab bags

Everyone in the house should have a packed grab bag in an easily accessible place. Each bag should include:

  • torch and radio with spare batteries
  • emergency water and snacks
  • first aid kit and essential medicines
  • change of clothes (wind and waterproof clothing, and strong outdoor shoes)
  • copies of important documents:
    • identification documents (birth and marriage certificates, driver licences and passports)
    • financial documents (insurance policies and mortgage documents)
    • copies of precious family photos.