Businesses large and small who have not yet begon doing business online may wonder what online point of sale, or an e-commerce presence, can do for their business. They may currently be doing business in a more traditional fashion with a storefront or many storefronts. They may wonder how much value there is in expanding their business to an online point of sale. Perhaps some business owners may worry that doing business online may be too complicated for them.

An online point of sale option can open vast new markets to businesses of any size. Nearly half the households in the United States of America have internet access in their homes. Additional numbers of individuals with access through libraries, schools and their jobs.

As more businesses have expanded their online presence greater numbers of individuals have expressed an interest in shopping online. So have methods of payment. At one time only individuals with credit cards shopped online. Many considered online shopping as something only the wealthy could do.

However, in response to consumers desire to shop online, and to their security concerns, new methods of payment for online shopping have evolved. Banks and credit unions offer debit cards or prepaid credit cards and services that allow for third party methods of payment, and these are a well used option for consumers and businesses, with the numbers using them rising.

It makes each of these households and individuals a potential customer. Those customers do business online too. Last year Americans spend, according to a variety of sources, nearly one hundred and seventy-five billion dollars online.

It can put a small business on an equal footing with a corporation. For makers of specialty items and services, like custom crafts and services,

E-commerce can reach potential customers, which may not have known of their existence previously.

It will allow both the craftsman and the corporation to highlight features of their products and services that a customer may overlook in a more traditional storefront venue. In even the largest city, there is a limit to foot traffic due to physical and time limitations.

There are no such restrictions online. An online point of sales presence is available to potential customers not just down the street but around the world. Those customers can do business around the clock too. With an online point of sale presence and appropriate software a company can profit twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

By promoting and featuring products online and allowing customers to purchase them with just a few keystrokes, businesses can provide the option to purchase both goods and services to new consumers and markets. An online point of sale presence is an important tool to business both large and small.

Source by Leslie J De Lazo

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