If you are building a site to rank high in Google then a possible short cut is to purchase an aged domain. This is just simply a domain that has been around for a while, but has then been dropped and made available. These are usually little more than a new registered domain but can save you months of hard work, giving you a foot up in your niche. Your can gain leverage with merged domains as Google gives more confidence in older sites, some can be purchased for little more that £ 3.

Older domains can give you a great foundation to build upon. If you register a new niche and go through the usual rigmarole of getting it indexed and ranked, it can take a long time to be noticed in by Google's algorithm.

You can speed up a lot of the processes like back linking and your PR with specific software, but you can not really fake a domain age. Google likes age for this reason because it's almost validation within itself. Not a lot of internet marketers are taking advantage of aged domains so now is the time to get into this before too many people are doing it.

It's an idea to check out organized domains if you are thinking of ranking more quickly, a lot of domain name registrars are now jumping on the band wagon and will give you access to advance aged domain searches, usually for a small extra price.

Thousand of domains are just left by the road side on a weekly basis. The register users just forgot about the site and, for some reason or another, just could not take the time out to regularly maintain a site registered to that domain name. To the internet marketer these aged domains are very profitable and provides a way to leverage you above your competition, it's a method highly under-used.

You can pick up these dropped domains for a bargain price and most hosts provide a way of obtaining them very easily. Needless to say these domains hold authority and with authority comes presence. You can use this to great effect in your niche. A lot of these domains will still have back links indexed and pointing to them, if this is the case then you can take a massive short cut when building up a site ranking in Google.

If you are optimizing your site with specific keywords then it's always a good option to check for organized domains; you may find one within your target niche .

Here are a few quick points if your website is showing up anywhere in Google:

  • Your site might not be indexed
  • Try to use social bookmarking to leverage your back link and getting indexed faster
  • You may not have enough back links to your site
  • Try some guest blogging and forum commenting to create a back link network to your site
  • The competition may just be too high for the key phrases you are targeting
  • Test your competition strength using Google AdWords. This is a free web tool that allows
  • you to find keywords and check the strength and searches per month.

Source by Sam C Fisk

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