We use PBT, Pass the Parcel and NZPost for all deliveries.

The couriers and NZ Post make additional charges for delivery to rural addresses.

All of our listings have shipping costs for rural, non-rural deliveries. As well as Combined charges where appropriate.

We check all delivery addresses before your order is packed. If your address is classed as rural but you have not paid the rural fee, we will be unable to send your order until you have paid the correct shipping charge or given us an alternative non-rural address.

Why is there an extra charge for Rural Delivery?

The cost of delivering to rural areas is generally higher than for urban areas.

The courier passes on this extra cost in the form of a rural delivery fee.

How do I know if I need to pay for Rural Delivery?

If you request delivery by courier, we will usually use PBT. You can check your address on their Rural Finder here.

If PBT classify your address as Rural we will then usually send your goods by Pass The Parcel.

Most people are aware if they live at an address that is classed as rural by New Zealand Post, but you can easily confirm if any address is rural here on the New Zealand Post website.

There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule – an address showing as rural on this website will always attract the rural delivery fee.

Deliveries to PO Boxes are always classed as non-rural, so this is a good option for many of our customers. However, the additional tracking charges make it more expensive to a courier delivery.

I live on a main road, surely I’m not rural?

Even some main roads in small towns are classed as rural if they are in relatively remote areas, and if New Zealand Post considers the cost of delivery to be higher than for more urban areas.

We specialise in providing the fastest and safest tracked delivery, and we send by courier in order to achieve this. It ensures that your delivery is tracked at each major stage of the journey, so you can see how your delivery is progressing.

Even the slower standard post services have an additional rural delivery charge, so it is impossible for us to send an item by any form of delivery without incurring an additional rural fee.

Can you send by standard post “at the buyer’s risk”?

As a professional retailer, we take full responsibility for your order until it is delivered to you.

In legal terms, there is no such thing as “buyer’s risk” when buying from a business. We are legally responsible for your delivery, and any attempt to opt out of this responsibility would be a breach of the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Can you use a different courier?

We have a contract in place for delivery, so we do not use any other courier.

Can I send you my own postage bag?

We cannot accept any type of postage bag.

We send out large quantities of orders every day, and it is not economically viable for us to make bespoke shipping arrangements for individual orders. This would inevitably lead to an increase in prices to cover the additional work involved.

How can I avoid paying the rural fee?

Many customers choose to provide us with an alternative non-rural delivery address, e.g. a workplace, a family address or a PO Box address.

You can easily save different delivery addresses on Trade Me to send to different sellers when you are buying.

Can you send it without a rural sticker?

It makes no difference whether or not a rural sticker is attached to the parcel. We use an on-line direct booking system for most deliveries that doesn’t require a separate rural sticker, and which won’t allow us to book a rural delivery without paying the rural fee.

The courier also automatically checks all addresses as part of the delivery process to make sure the correct fee has been paid.

Courier bags and tickets are linked to the sender’s courier account. If there is no rural fee paid but the delivery address is rural, the delivery is flagged as under-paid and the rural fee is automatically charged to our courier account.

Can you send it without “RD” in the address?

The courier automatically checks all addresses as part of the delivery process.

If the delivery address is rural, even if the RD number has not been included on the address label, the delivery is flagged as under-paid and the rural fee is automatically charged to our courier account.

Can you deliver to my PO Box?

Yes, absolutely. Deliveries to PO Boxes are always classed as non-rural, so this is a good option for many of our customers.

How long will my rural delivery take to arrive?

The delivery target is 1-3 working days after handover to the rural delivery network. Some deliveries arrive quicker than the target, but others will take longer.

I haven’t paid the rural fee, but I’m rural. What do I do now?

There are 3 options for you to choose from:

  1. You can provide us with an alternative non-rural delivery address. Many of our customers use a workplace or family delivery address to reduce the cost.
  2. You can pay the rural fee to complete your purchase. Please contact us and we can let you know how to do this.
  3. You can cancel your purchase and we will refund any payment you’ve already made.

I don’t agree that my address should be classed as rural. What should I do?

Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control.

If New Zealand Post has decided to class an address as rural, then the rural charge will be incurred for delivery.

You can contact New Zealand Post Customer Services on 0800 501 501 if you wish to discuss it further.