Rocket Languages ​​has taught over 50,000 online students since its start in 2004, but the first language program launched online was Spanish, and Spanish remains the most popular language offered. Because the company develops programs based upon the number of Internet inquiries it receives, it's a sure bet that Rocket Spanish has the program components it needs to remain at the top of the tree.

Two friends, Mark Ling and Jason Oxenham are the talents who began the company with no start-up money. Ling established the company while studying Spanish at Canterbury University because he could not find supplementary Spanish materials that really helped him in his studies. Teaming with Oxenham was the start of researching and creating online language learning concepts to create an interactive program for teaching Spanish.

Approximately 99% of the product is sold offshore from their main site in New Zealand. With Spanish being the first successful product, the range of languages ​​has expanded to offer French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and American Sign Language. But with the Spanish language spoken through the world, it is no surprise that many people wish to learn to speak it for business, travel, friendship, family ties, and you name it.

What keeps the Rocket Spanish program so successful for learning Spanish is the conversational style of its lessons, and the ready availability of the product. Anyone with a credit card can download variations of the program and use it right away. And the founders of the company very clearly planned it that way. They purposefully utilize search engine optimization techniques to market their program, which has responded in significant e-commerce success.

Learning Spanish with Rocket Spanish is actually a friendly way to succeed with the language acquisition process. The course features multiple interactive learning functions that closely follow the way people learn language most easily. The instructors have pleasing voices, speaking cheerfully through the basics of repetitions and moving along to more complicated sentences. Their photos are everywhere online, as if they are the friendliest Spanish instructors available. Many people actually feel a sense of friendship and closeness to them, as evidenced by the multiple published testimonials online.

Once you consider the high quality of the Rocket Spanish program, understand its finding position in the Rocket Language company, and learn that it was the result of passionate development to create an excellent learning experience, then you can clearly recommend it as one excellent choice for learning Spanish.

Source by Karen Celine Carlson