Passport fees that an applicant must pay depend on the type of service requested and how quickly the travel document is needed. That being the case, the cost of a passport can vary from $ 15 to several hundred dollars. This article will provide you with a breakdown of the fees that you will need to pay in order to get a passport.

The application fee for a new passport book for an adult is $ 110. This is the same whether you are applying for the first-time or replacing for a lost, stolen or damaged one. The application fee for a new passport book for a minor is $ 80. Passport cards are less. Adults pay $ 30 while the fee for a minor to get one is only $ 15.

Both minors and adults must pay an execution fee of $ 25 when submitting form DS-11. This is paid to the agent where the application is submitted. This can be at a local application acceptance facility or a regional agency. There is no execution fee when an adult applications for a passport renewal.

A fee of $ 150 is required of applicants who are unable to submit evidence of US citizenship to request. This pays for a file search of an applicant's previous passport or Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

There are only 16 visa pages in a 24-page passport book. If you travel often, this may not be a sufficient number of visa pages to last the length of the passport's validity. You may be required to apply for additional pages. There is a fee of $ 82 for this service.

Passports services for which there are no fees include a name change if the request is made within one year from the current passport's date of issuance. There is also no fee for if you need to apply to correct data errors in your travel document.

Applicants who need to have the passport application processed in 2 weeks or less can request expedited service. There is an additional $ 60 fee for this service. Same day service is only available at regional agencies. You can submit the application in person or get a professional expediting service to do it for you if you live to far away or do not have the time.

The passport fees listed above are based on the most recent fee scale. The cost of most services was increased. Even so, the amount is less than the passport fees charged by many other countries. Consider this, a new passport for an adult costs only $ 1.13 a month over the 10-year validity of the passport.

Source by William Manor