My Playland


“One more thing ” Steve jobs famous line form most of his product launches. This however is my one more thing what I call “my playland” The other sites , projects in the works, attempts I have made or I am making. The majority are in some form of beta, so don’t expect anything to professional.
 Itsy zag is a url shortener itsy.zag.nzPrivate
 A simple concept if you have something to sell in Wanganui hashtag an Instagram with the #wagforsale General
 zigzagnz is a script that allows multiple posting of instagram. Private
 Adultnz Zag will be a online store for the range of adultnz . Beta
 A site where i save the asian drama shows I am interested in general
 Online shop for fashion fake glasses and sunglasses adults and children Beta
 My big OE is a phrase used mainly in new zealand to denote the taking of one first trip overseas In works
 I set this up with the intention of it being a database and links for ways to accept payment online in New Beta
 The idea of Play was a collection of playlists to choose from then beta
So the idea is to have a product review site relating to products onlineprnz.zag.nzIn works
A directory of online storesreviews.zaggeneral