The idea of e-commerce websites has taken Internet browsing into a different level. E-commerce websites have significantly upped the usage of the Internet because of more people accessing the Web. A lot of people have become hooked to e-commerce websites and online shopping; and the sites have responded to this strong demand by expanding their websites and making it compatible to various browsers, devices, and platforms.

For people out there who plan to start their own e-commerce website, here are a few things that are to be considered:

  1. Professional packaging – This refers to the design and layout of the website itself. Nowadays, having too many elements in one page is already passing. E-commerce websites of today incorporate a more minimalistic design with only the relevant data placed. This doesn’t mean lowering or reducing the content of the website, but making the space of the site work – to not make it look too cluttered. Videos, images, and texts must be put together in an organized, smooth flow that would be pleasing to look at. Additionally, a catchy logo is a good way to get noticed and be remembered.
  2. Easy navigation – In running an e-commerce website, the end goal is to close a deal and sell products. This is why the navigation of the site must be considered greatly. Huge traffic with no buyers won’t work for e-commerce. Therefore, the website should have easy access to the checkout process along with the shipping options. Of course, it would be a plus if shipping is free for the customer but that depends on the capability of the website. Keep in mind the security needed for transactions and payments.
  3. Promotions – Of course there are many e-commerce websites out there, and each one tries to stand out. With that said, promotions become must-haves for websites since without these; it will be hard to catch consumers. Remember that the competition uses such techniques. Product placement must also be considered. During the designing phase of the website, the emphasis must be put on the product and how it is highlighted. Proper angles of the photographs and such things matter. Videos are also getting common.
  4. Search function – Have you ever encountered a website without a search engine? If you haven’t then you must know how annoying it is to not be able to search for what you’re looking for. A comprehensive search engine in the site would enable users to find what they’re looking for and check for price range and even compare it to usual rates. Search option is also to be considered since there is a need for transactions.
  5. Social media arms – In today’s era of information, social media becomes a free, fast, and reliable tool to market your product. Exploring Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites and using them to promote your site is an effective way to get noticed. Since millions of people log on to such sites each day, the social media market is a very viable one. This will increase traffic, and eventually, sales. Social media can also be used to promote products and inform others about offers that the site has.

Source by Alysha Ava

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