Marketing has been defined as the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements. In an increasing competitive marketplace, the act of marketing has developed into the mainstay of business activities attempting to increase market share, increase brand loyalty and following and to disseminate the unique selling proposition of the firm and its offerings.

Marketing acts to promote awareness to the public, boosting product sales and build company reputation. With the advent of web 2.0 technology, e-commerce, online shopping and social media marketing, the importance of marketing activities, while creating a defined vision and marketing strategy for the business has never been so important to the survival and success in the post modern competitive environment. Social media has levelled the playing field between small-to-medium business and large conglomerations, which has several implications. For the SME, the innovative marketer can utilise social media tools, such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to engage in clever marketing forums where the business engages in conversation directly with potential consumers. Not only can effective advertising and PR strategies be implemented, search engine results can be improved through a process of link building techniques, such as blog accounts and submitting articles to online content sites. For the larger corporation, strategies must be developed that deal with smaller businesses and agencies attempting to carve out niche markets which encroach into the target market or products that you offer. As well as employing traditional advertising and media activities, the overall strategy must be spread over a wider choice of mediums to react to changing consumer demand and preferences for purchasing behaviour and brand loyalty.

The days when the owner or manager of a business could simply dedicate part of their time to the facet of marketing the business is gone. Specialist marketing staff are required to identify possible opportunities and threats in the marketplace, adapt strategies to deal with such issues, and utilise innovative and effective advertising techniques to achieve the goals of the business. However, the effectiveness of the marketing efforts of the business is only as good as the team of staff that is charged with the responsibility of conducting the marketing function. Ensure your team is the best and look at the benefits offered from marketing recruitment agencies.

Whether you are an existing business that requires additional marketing staff, or have identified a need to diversify or are a SME with desires to expand, the skills and knowledge of a marketing professional will be a key driver to achieve those aims. Rather than investing the monetary and time requirements needed in sourcing, interviewing and hiring staff, strong consideration should be given to reviewing a few reputable marketing recruitment agencies that specialises in this area.

Source by Jason Marra