If you have done any research before choosing your business domain name, you will likely have read that the .com extension is always the preferred choice; however, this is not always the case for small businesses.

Here are two things you need to consider before making this very important decision.

  1. Does your company want to do business globally? Meaning, do you want to sell to customers outside your local or national market?
  2. Do you want to sell to your local community or customers within your own country?

These are very key factors you will need to decide before grabbing a domain name. If you answer yes to both, then it might make sense to register both the regional and the global extension for your business site. This does not mean you must make two websites. You can set the global site up as your main website and simply redirect the regional one to that site.

With Google's new local search algorithms it is often a wiser choice to choose a regional domain name if you want to make reaching your local market easier. If you have an auto dealership in England, chances are you likely do not want to do business globally. You want your website to bring in as much local business as possible. In this instance, registering a.com domain would make your job of reaching your potential customers much more difficult. A.co.uk extension would be much more efficient and you would benefit from that built in local SEO. This would tell the search engines that you are a business in the UK so when a potential lead is typing in a search query, your site would be much more likely to show up in the search results because Google would know where you are located in correlation to the person doing the search.

This is especially true if you have chosen an international web host; popular hosts such as Hostgator or Bluehost are located in the USA. If you chose a global.com extension and hosted your business website outside of your country the search engines would have no way of knowing you are a UK based company and therefore you would not be included in the local search results. This would not be a good thing for your business.

With all of the competition online and it being harder to get in high ranking spots on the search engines, you do not want to be sabotaging your own success by not giving your business every advantage it can get to compete. Forget the outdated information about domain extensions and do what is best for your business and not what is best for the majority of others.

Source by Catherine Henry