With the changing times, electronic marketing is becoming the quickest way to reach your customers. In order to keep up you need a website. Even if you are a retail store with only one brick and mortar location, a website will make you more visible to your customers by allowing them access to store hours, location, products, etc. with the click of a mouse.

One very common website question asked by retailers is: What about e-commerce and selling online?

Most local people are not going to go to visit your site specifically to buy from you online, but if they're already on your site you might as well sell them something!

However, you have to be smart and creative about how you use e-commerce so that it's manageable for you and a good experience for your customers. There are so many possibilities. Here's an example.

A local bookstore is never going to compete with Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble or any of the other huge on-line booksellers on price, selection, shipping, or website recognition. BUT a creative bookseller could leverage their most valuable advantage … the personal relationships their staff has with the customers.

The bookstore could sell only 50 books at a time online, grouped not by traditional category, but 10 that each of their 5 employees recommend. Customers know the employees personally and will be interested in buying books recommended by their favorite salesperson. Change them every month.

You do not have to have all the products in your brick and mortar store in your online store. In fact, you probably should not! You're go nuts trying to keep that many items updated on your website. Sell ​​just your best sellers on line, or if you are a service business sell related accessories on line. Sell ​​just one brand online, or sell a rotating group of seasonal merchandise online. The possibilities are endless.

The point is while they are on your site, you might as well try to sell them something!

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Source by Bob Negen