Parrots, also known as psittacoses, are considered one of the most intelligent birds, with some of their species being equipped with the ability to imitate human voices. This makes them a popular pet. There are about 372 species of parrots, found around the world and they come under the Order Psittaciformes. The Order is further subdivided into three Families: the Psittacidae (true parrots), the Cacatuidae (Cockatoos), and the Strigopidae (New Zealand parrots). Found in all the tropical and subtropical continents, their diet mostly consists of nuts, fruits, buds, and other plant material, although a few species also eat insects and small animals.

Required tools for drawing:

• Pencil

• Eraser (just in case you don’t get the curves correct)

• Paper or canvas

• Color & paint brush (optional)

Steps for drawing a parrot: Here, we are drawing a parrot facing left, such that the head is to the left and the tail is on the right side of the paper or canvas. With a light hand, roughly sketch the bird so that you can later erase the unwanted lines. Lets begin:

• Head: First, draw a circle of the size of a one-rupee coin for the head. At the outer edge of this circle, draw a shape resembling the bottom part of a horizontal mango projecting out towards left. This forms the upper beak of the parrot. Make the tip of this mango shape sharp to give it a realistic look. Draw the lower beak by making an arc with its curve downwards, extending over three fourth of the length of the upper beak. Its edges should touch the lower part of the upper beak. After outlining the face, we make the eyes of the parrot. Draw two small vertical ovals of the size of a button, positioned towards the left, within the head. Sketch another shaded circle inside each of these eyes to represent the eyeballs.

• Body: Draw a line in the form of a question mark extending from the head of the parrot towards left, such that the lower half of the question mark forms the feather. Make sure the curved portion of the question mark is wide enough to form the body of the parrot. In effect, make the body by fusing the open end of the question mark with the circle-head above.

• Claws: Draw four half-crescent moons joining the body to make it look like it is sitting on the branch of a tree. Sketch 2 parallel lines haphazardly, extending horizontally to form a branch.

• Shading: Erase the unwanted lines. Darken the remaining sketch using a pencil. Enhance the feathers of the parrot by drawing few straight lines over it. You may color the parrot to beautify it. Parrots are found in different colors, the commonest one being green.

Source by Annette Labedzki