Choosing the wrong color for your website design can reduce your credibility or affect the customer in a way you never intended. You could be going for impactful, and instead, it comes off as aggressive and closed. If you are in the early stages of your website design process with your web designer, you may want to consider choosing a professionally designed website template that has balanced color combinations.

Just as businesses spend years perfecting the look and feel of product packaging, choosing the color scheme is more of a process than an event. Some colors stimulate hunger, while others make you feel pleasure. The majority of color reactions are instinctual. For example, red portrays power, pink portraits femininity, and black libraries death. Basic but true. Certain colors cause fatigue, while others are overwhelming. And this is just the tip of the web design color catastrophe iceberg!

It is more than choosing a color for your site. There are 216 colors to choose from in a standard web design palate. Creating colors outside of this spectrum through a process called dithering is risky, as the colors will not be viewable on all monitors.

Web designers spend years perfecting their skills in relation to color. Surely, a new business owner can not master this skill quickly enough to get the business up and running! This is one reason that pricing is significantly high for a site that is created from scratch. You can find many affordable options by using website templates that are customized for your business, and are pitch-perfect, in terms of color.

Considering all of the color factors, it makes sense to choose a website template and have it customized with your content and even tweaked by a web designer if it's not quite on the button. Considering the color scheme of things, website design is best left to the professionals.

Source by Tanya Lobo

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