If you are consulting Great Plains Dynamics customers, you probably remember old good days when eCommerce solution could be built on eOrder module platform. eOrder was written in Interdev as ASP application, and as such could be modified directly in its ASP pages. This customization did the job until new version upgrade, when as part of the upgrade you had to reapply your custom changes to eOrder Asp pages as new version update simply was wiping out old version eOrder pages and placing new version pages on the top. Order Management module is in essence successor of eOrder, although it is now hosted in MS Sharepoint and it is part of Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal modules family. Let's quickly review what it means to you if you were supporting and implementing old eOrder and now you will have to move your customer to GP Business Portal platform:

1. Business Portal Setup. This is definitely an overhead, as you will have to read BP administrator guide to setup your existing GP users as well as thin Business Portal users (who do not have to be Great Plains users, which potentially saves you software licensing money). When that work is behind you and you are now expert in setting up Business Portal – then you are pretty much at the point of settings for Order Management, which as similar to old eOrder settings

2. Order Management setup. Here is the cental part is Catalog mangement, which has separate program needed to be installed separate from Business Portal. If you remember eOrder catalog management should be reasonably intuitive for you to set it up

3. eConnect stack. Business Portal and Order Management deploy eConnect in the back side. eConnect is the set of SQL stored procedures, allowing you to create various Great Plains master records and transactions. This excursion may seem not really informative, but you may expect eConnect and so, Business portal installation problems, if you do not have the idea about eConnect architecture

4. Legacy e-commerce phasing out step by step. If your website is written in legacy ASP pages, you should not switch to new e-commerce over night. Instead you should consider scenario when you register your business portal Url with your domain registrar, keeping the main web site at the same old ip address.

Source by Andrew Karasev

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