The revolution in information technology has at last made the "work from home dream" a reality. Those wishing to work from home should do their research first and be wary of fraudulent website and online services which advertise work from home opportunities.

To protect yourself against work from home scams remember there are no get-rich-quick schemes: the only people who make money are the scammers. Make sure you have given a lot of thought to the issue before signing up or sending a payment off for a work from home opportunity. To report them If you have received a work from home offer that you think may be a scam, or if you have responded to a job advertisement that you now realize is a scam, you can report a scam through the SCAM watch website.

Newspapers around the world are publishing stories on how the telecommuter can succeed in being able to work at home, and reporting on employee actions to promote telecommuting, and companies that are leading the work from home jobs movement. Jobs that suit home-based work include secretarial services, writers, artists and telemarketers. Teleworking has become popular, it provides people with much more flexibility than conventional jobs. Many job seekers overlook their own towns and instead focus on the Internet for new jobs and opportunities. Most teleworking jobs come about as a result of asking present employers.

Always read the fine print and check wherever the organization is legitimate before signing up. If it is a legitimate job offer there there will not be a problem with you getting advice before signing a contract. You should check with your local fair trading agency for information to help you decide if the offer is legitimate.

Transferring money for someone might be money laundering and you could wind up in trouble yourself for taking part in these 'jobs'. Money laundering is a criminal offer: do not agree to transfer money for someone else. Top Warning signs You receive a job offer claiming that you can make a lot of money with little effort by using your home computer. However, once the money is paid, you may receive nothing at all, or what you do receive could just be instructions for conning other people into joining the same scheme. Money paid to your self will require certain tax forms and your income taxes will have to be paid on a regular basis, just like any other business does for their employees.

Working from home requires a level of self-discipline, motivation and organization that not everyone will posses. Working from home (Teleworking) enables you to be flexible in your work and life planning: The revolution in Information Technology has made the "work at home" dream a reality. Working for yourself can be very time demanding.

How do you find out about home based business opportunities. There are a number of sites dedicated to helping people find work from home opportunities that require little to no capital to start up. Ideas for what YOU can do working from home. There's demand for things like putting together useful resources, browsing through various websites in a particular niche and compiling a list of the best ones, collecting phone numbers off various sites in a particular industry and building a directory, and various other opportunities that do not require a PhD in English Lit).

Source by Justin Boyce

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