We often see magnificent logo designs these days. Since technologies are continuously advancing, a lot of tools and strategies are discovered to contribute in the advancement of logo creations. Digital tools are now the primary instruments of creating extraordinary logos. Gone are the days that logos are made from paintings and threads. Thankfully, the modern world has made the logo industry amazing.

One of the advances of logo creations is the 3D logo design, which has been popularized by the discovery of such digital tools, which pave the way to the creation of software programs.

The well-known software program that enables designers to create fantastic 3D designs is Adobe. This software is widely used due to its updated features.

Specifically, the Adobe Illustrator is the software used for 3D logos. It is a part of multimedia, and is usually used for artwork, web page designing, graphic designing, photo editing, and animation; it is a great tool for logo designing.

A three dimensional logo is much better than ordinary logos because it is much realistic and impressive to look at. However, it is also more difficult to create due to its complex designs.

Below are the easy steps to help you create your own 3D logo:

Step 1: Open a new image in your Adobe Illustrator software with a fairly large size. Draw a simple shape for your logo, and then place the shaped on the new layer you just opened.

Step 2: Shape the logo by clicking "Main Menu", select "Edit", "Transform", and "Skew". Next, pull on the corners to change. After changing, click "Enter" to complete.

Step 3: Open the "Free Transform", select the "Scale" menu, and then reduce the height of your logo basing on your desired size.

Step 4: Go to "Main Menu", choose "Filter", "Stylize", and then click "Emboss" to emboss the edges of your logo. Choose "90" for the angle and "5" for the pixels.

Step 5: Click the layer with your logo, temporarily hold down the "Ctrl" and "Alt", and then press the "Up" arrow key. This is a simple shortcut for duplicating layers. By doing this, you can already make the 3D effect.

Step 6: Click the top layer of the logo, then press "Ctrl" and "E" at the same time in order to merge layers one at a time. Repeat this step to all the layers, except for the 3D logo in the background.

Step 7: Press the "Ctrl" key when you click on the "Layers" panel to highlight and select the logo on the canvas. Put one more layer by choosing the "Paint Bucket" tool, and then choose your preferred color for your logo and fill the empty layer. After putting a color, merge the layers for the last time.

Source by Sher Torres

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