Have you ever wondered if you would have made a great entrepreneur? If so, then I want you to take the Entrepreneurial Challenge. In this test you will discover the characteristic that entrepreneurs have that make us successful in life, and remember that most of us started out by just recognizing that we where different or desired a change from the normal boring and unstable lives that we were living.

Take the challenge, but I am warning you if you rank 90-100% on this test and discover that you are a born entrepreneur, you will never be the same again. This awareness of your true calling will change your life forever, and until you do something about it you will crave entrepreneurial freedom even if it is the last thing you do!

Complete The Entrepreneurial Challenge At Your Own Risk

Yes or No. Are you a self starter?
Yes or No. Do you enjoy the feeling of success?
Yes or No. Can you lead others on subjects that you know well?
Yes or No. Can you take charge and be the person who always gets things done?
Yes or No. Do you feel that you are not being challenged enough and / or that you have more to offer?
Yes or No. Do you always wonder if there is more to life than your job, and / or can not see yourself working as an employee forever?
Yes or No. Do you ever wish that you had more money to spend and / or want to live a better lifestyle?
Yes or No. Can you finish what you have started if you are passionate about the things that you are doing?
Yes or No. Are you a person of your word, and always follow through with what you commit to?
Yes or No. Are you ready for a change and sick and tired of making other people wealthy?

Add up the number of Yes answers in the Entrepreneurial Challenge.

If you have scored less than 5, you are not quite ready to move forward and need some more time to discover your desires.

If you have scored between 6 and 8, but answered Yes on question 10, then you are ready to move forward slowly with proper guidance.

If you have scored 9 or higher than you are ready right now to change your life, get educated on the opportunities that are out there for you, and swiftly starting transforming into an entrepreneur.

Remember that being an entrepreneur is only a decision of character for someone who wants a better life.

Source by Jason Allen Miller